July 21, 2024

Where to buy CBD?

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buy CBD

A bottle of CBD hemp oil and cannabis leaves in the hands of researchers. Cannabis Tree Background. Medical concept Researching hemp leaves and hemp oil Using oil as a treatment herb. (A bottle of CBD hemp oil and cannabis leaves in the hands of resea


temerge to buy your CBD legally, the physical store and the internet .

Where to get CBD? What are the pitfalls to avoid ? CBD is a molecule, derived from cannabis, whose use is tolerated in France. However, it is necessary to know the product and its legality criteria before making the purchase . To acquire your CBD safely, two means emerge, the “coffee shop” and online stores. However, you should follow a few recommendations to choose the right dealer and avoid pitfalls .

Although beneficial, CBD comes from a plant (hemp) whose production and consumption are highly regulated in France . It is therefore important to know these criteria to obtain your CBD in the best conditions.

CBD Legal Criteria

The decree of August 22, 1990 and article R5132-86 of the Public Health Code set 3 conditions for the legality of a hemp-based product:

It must come from an explicitly authorized type of hemp

THC level must be below 0.02%

The flowers of the plant should not be used in the confection

These criteria must be present in the mind of the consumer when he makes his purchase to ensure that he remains within the legal framework.

It is therefore advisable to turn to serious sellers such as a physical store or an online store.

The legal aspect of CBD has contributed to the extension of the offer and the creation of a large number of shops. This type of store, called a coffee shop, has grown so much that there is now at least one in every major city .

The advantages of buying CBD in store

Shops have many advantages for customers, who can obtain CBD with peace of mind.


Oils, liquids for electronic cigarettes, infusions or even resins, there are many CBD-based products. It is therefore sometimes difficult to find your way around. One of the main advantages of CBD shops is the presence of a salesperson. Particularly valuable for new consumers, this presence allows them to be guided towards the product that will best meet their expectations

.Appreciation of product quality in person

Physical stores have the significant advantage of having direct access to the product . This allows you to check the quality in person and to focus on criteria such as:

So many criteria that a photo or a written description cannot convey.

A pledge of seriousness (normally)

Buying CBD in a coffee shop is a guarantee of seriousness (normally). Indeed, a shop of this type can hardly escape the regulations because it is very supervised. This therefore offers the buyer a priori the guarantee of a completely legal and safe CBD.

Security and choice of payment

Online shopping is a source of concern for some consumers who fear for their bank details. By making your purchase in store, the problem does not arise and the means of payment are multiple .

The other way to get CBD is to turn to the internet.

A plethora of CBD-based products on the internet

Internet commerce is on the rise and CBD is no exception to this trend. Many sites offering CBD products are emerging, offering the consumer a wide choice. This is particularly the case with Roadflowers, which offers a large number of verified CBD-based products (oils, resins, crystals and even cosmetics).

The benefits of buying CBD online

A simple command

Buying CBD online is a simple process that can be done from anywhere at any time . Thus, this mode of purchase avoids having to travel and being subject to the time constraints of a physical store.

Anonymity preserved

CBD still enjoys a negative reputation. Some consumers may therefore be reluctant to push the door of a coffee shop for fear of being judged. Buying on the internet allows you to order your CBD discreetly and avoid being subjected to social pressure. Some resellers, such as Roadflowers , offer delivery throughout mainland France, overseas departments and territories as well as in Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg).

A secure payment

Not all websites offer this feature, so be careful when paying. It is preferable to opt for a site which, like Roadflowers, offers a 3DSecure Pay-Green secure payment module in order to preserve bank data.

If the physical and digital stores offer many advantages, it is however necessary to be careful. It is therefore preferable to check a few criteria to make a purchase in complete safety.

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