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How Is Dental Lumineers Made In Turkey.?

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Dental Lumineers

Dental Lumineers in Turkey tops the list of cosmetic dental treatments which is derived from the word Laminate Veneers which means (thinned veneers). Dental Lumineers are fitted to the teeth to achieve a consistent and perfect smile shape after ensuring that the patient is suitable for this type of treatment.

A dental veneer is a small shell made of ceramic, zirconia or porcelain that the dental practitioner places on the surface of the tooth after well on a small preparation. It takes the form of a thin lamella that looks exactly like tooth enamel.

How Is Dental Lumineers Made In Turkey?

Dental Lumineers are very similar to dental veneers in most of the steps, where the patient is first examined and x-rays are taken after making sure that the last one is suitable for the work of the Lumineers, then the preparation of the teeth is started, the measurements are taken and sent to the laboratory to prepare the Lumineers coverslips after having chosen the appropriate shape and shade for the natural teeth and in the last stage these small shells are permanently adjusted.

Video About Lumineers In Turkey

Through this video, you can see how the dental surgeon prepares the teeth for Lumineers in Turkey

Who Can Undergo Lumineers Dental Veneer In Turkey?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is in good health and does not have any serious or infectious diseases is considered suitable for this procedure. The most important people who fit Lumineers facets are:

 Lumineers dental veneers are part of the list of dental procedures, so the dental surgeon is the only one authorized for this procedure and preferably with a lot of experience in this field to obtain the results desired by the patients. Turk Aesthetic advises its clients to choose the right doctor with great experience in this field and not to resort to a dental laboratory specialist in order to reduce the cost or other reasons, which may lead to complications in the future.

Types Of Anesthesia Used

For each cosmetic or treatment procedure, a custom model is appropriate for the anesthesia method that will be adopted during the procedure. In the case of Lumineers or veneers, local anesthesia is used. While local anesthesia is sufficient for this case. In very rare cases, temporary anesthesia (sedation) may be used in patients who have a phobia of local anesthesia.

Stages Of The Lumineers Procedure In Turkey Istanbul

Time needed:  2 hours.

The steps in the work of dental Lumineers will be explained in detail in the following paragraphs, starting with the first steps and ending with the last steps of the procedure:

Before the procedure

First, communication is made with the team of Turk Aesthetic, then the case is discussed with specialized doctors, then an initial rough plan is drawn up. This information is shared with the patient. When the patient visits Turk Aesthetic clinic, important personal and health information is taken, and panoramic x-rays are taken and the case is assessed from us to ensure everything has been assessed OK to start designing the Lumineers .Dental Lumineers in Turkey

During the procedure

The number of teeth for which the patient intends to perform Lumineer cosmetic veneers is chosen, then the teeth are prepared, and then the appropriate shade and shape of the cosmetic flaps are chosen. Then the sizes and impressions of the teeth are taken to be sent to the lab to design the Lumineers veneers, and after they are processed, they are fitted by the dentist during your stay at the clinic.Dental Lumineers in Turkey

After the procedure

Like any procedure, you should pay as much attention as possible to the instructions given to you by the dentist and the Turk Aesthetic team to achieve the most positive results possible. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the medical advisor for the necessary support and advice.Dental Lumineers in Turkey

Before And After Lumineers In Turkey

Here we are going to show you some before and after pictures for Lumineer work at Turk Aesthetic Clinic.

Lumineers Tracking Instructions

Each cosmetic treatment or procedure has its own instructions for achieving the most positive results possible. We will mention the most important instructions to follow:

Follow the instructions given by the dentist and the Turk Aesthetic team with great precision.

Stay away from things that can cause tooth or gum sensitivity in the early days.

Avoid using the teeth harshly while eating or otherwise.

Pay attention to the safety and health of the mouth by visiting the dentist periodically and regularly.

Brush your teeth every day.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Here we will mention the most important advantages and disadvantages of Lumineers:

 cost per luminous tooth is 177 euros.

FAQ – Lumineers Dental Veneers In Turkey 🦷

What is the difference between Lumineer and Veneers?

Lumineer veneers are considered less thick than veneers, requiring less dental sculpting than veneer veneers.

What materials are used to make Lumineers?

Zircon and Emax are used as base materials for manufacturing Lumineers slides.

How long does it take?

Lumineers take approximately 5-7 days to complete treatments.

How many visits does a patient need for a procedure?

The patient needs about 3 visits with us Turk Aesthetic to get the complete dental Lumineers.

Does Lumineers cause unpleasant odors?

The Lumineers do not cause unpleasant odors because they have a very thin crust also the facets are well sealed with the natural teeth so no space to find for accumulations of bacteria for example.

What is the cost of Lumineers?

The cost of dental Lumineers varies depending on the material the Lumineers are made from, such as Zirconia or Emax.

What is the cost of dental lumineers at Turk Aesthetic?

The cost of dental Lumineers made of American Emax material at Turk Aesthetic is 177 euros

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